Become an AICI Member

Individuals working in the image industry or related fields in the Philippines are more than welcome to join the AICI Philippine Chapter. Members are a part of the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. When you join AICI, you can select the membership category (Image Consultant or Related Business) that best fits the current stage of your image career and enjoy the benefits of your membership at any point in your career. 

AICI reviews all applications for membership and reserves the right to deny membership to those individuals who do not meet the criteria for membership as specified in the membership requirements.

Image Consultant Member

An Image Consultant member is a trained image consultant that has successfully completed a minimum of twenty (20) hours of professional training in topics of image within the AICI Core Competencies

Related Business Member
Anyone who:
A. Has an interest in becoming an image consultant and increase their knowledge and skills and
learn more about the industry; or
B. Is working in a related or supporting industry, such as: Nutritionists, Personal Shoppers,
Stylists, Fashion Bloggers, Beauticians, Hairstylists, Make-Up Artists, Plastic Surgeons, and Dentists.

To join the AICI Philippine Chapter, please apply for AICI membership through the following link: AICI Application Page. Please select “Chapters: Philippine” on the registration form.

AICI Member Benefits

Image Consultant Member

  • As a new AICI member, you will receive an exclusive tool kit that includes a wealth of strategies to establish your image profession.
  • You will have access to educational resources on image and image consulting as well as obtain certifications to build your credibility.
  • You can join local Chapter meetings, join educational programs, and even find a mentor to guide you in your journey as an image consultant.

Developing Your Image Consulting Skills

  • Your membership at AICI gives you access to tools to help you meet fellow image consultants in your local Chapter, build your skills with educational activities, and even do peer-to-peer collaborations.
  • Being an AICI member gives you continued professional development through the annual conference as well as the opportunity to attend workshops and learn from the masters in the image consulting training community all over the world.
  • Your AICI membership can give you the opportunity to both coach a younger consultant and find a mentor who can guide to you to the next level, helping you develop skills that can grow both your professional and personal life.

Growing Your Image Business

  • Your membership at AICI shows the world that you are committed to an industry backed by the authority on image knowledge and expertise.
  • AICI members are listed on the website, which the public uses to find image consultant services. This gives you both visibility and credibility.
  • As AICI has over 1,000 members, you gain the opportunity to network with the largest organization of image consultants in the world. Be referred and grant referrals to keep clients within arm’s reach.
  • If you provide products and services, such as trainings, to image consultants, AICI members is a potential client base.


Become an AICI Member

Certification is what distinguishes the AICI certified member among industry practitioners. Level up your credibility thru starting the certification process today.


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